The COVID Diaries: Katrin and Alyssa

For the final instalment of the COVID diaries, Katrin and Alyssa give us a glimpse into their lives in Australia and Germany. This is about how hard it is to say good-bye to dreams and how we are re-learning to appreciate the little things in life.

The COVID Diaries: Katy and Tine

Sometimes it’s o.k. to not be o.k.! This is one the most valuable learnings for Katy, who works as a yoga teacher in London. Tine, who shares her time between Denmark and Bali, came to realize over the last couple of months that everything is a relationship, be it with your partner, with food or with money.

Read the stories of these amazing women in the latest instalment of The COVID Diaries.

The COVID Diaries: Mila and Tammi

From London to Bangkok, from making good decisions to the importance of structure, from failed plant growing to the satisfying feeling of an empty laundry basket: Meet Mila and Tammi and their COVID stories.

The COVID Diaries: Louise and Constanze

Our lives are filled with more uncertainty than ever. At the same time, we surprise ourselves by how well we are able to cope and how seemingly impossible things suddenly become possible. Read Louise‘s and Constanze’s stories about life in Bali and in Germany.

The COVID Diaries: Beate and Janine

Two COVID Diaries from Germany (and in German): Beate and Janine talk about changing priorities, living with sheep (literally), and the importance of travel and freedom.

The COVID Diaries: Kat and Petrie

What have the past months been like in Melbourne and Amsterdam? Read Kat’s and Petrie’s very personal stories about the strain COVID put on their business, social life and mental health.

Going into the pandemic from two very different points in their lives, they each experienced it in their own way. However, they agree on one thing: the importance of nutrition for your general physical and mental health.

The COVID Diaries: Kim and Anne

In the first installment of The COVID Diaries, Kim from Wiltshire, UK, and Anne from New York share how they got through the past months. This is about walking alone and how adversity reveals character.